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Chess Olympiad 2010 : Reply Surinaamse Schaakbond

Surinaamse Schaakbond

RE: changes in the charter flight and charters briefing - reply Surinaamse Schaakbond‏

Ricardo dos Ramos

Dear Organisers,

Just today we paid our tickets full to Munchen, based on the final charterschedule (which was already changed 2 times before that).
Learning from the earlier changes in the charterschedule, we have waited till the last acceptable moment (6 days) to book and pay for our tickets,
just to be sure that their will be no other schedule changes.It was very difficuly to get good connecting flights, and we finally find the best solution in
booking with Lufthansa Airways. We had to paid Euro 400 per ticket (which we find extreme expensive for a flight Amsterdam-Munchen).
Paying for 13 tickets, for a small federation like the Surinaamse Schaakbond this amount of money is a fortune.

Opening my mailbox just now, I am completely  and I must say very unpleasant surprised by this change on very short notice.
In our case the charterflight departure from Munich is change with 1 hour later, 16.25 is change to 17.25h.
That is no problem, because our connecting flight was based on 16.25h.
The big problem is, that our return flight is based on 4 october, and the change is now a 1 whole day, 4 oct to 5 oct.

This means that we have to change our tickets which means a lot of money.
Travelling to Khanty-Mansiysk is already not the easiest task and this schedule changes are making travelplans extremely hard.
How can we be sure now, that when we changed our tickets, tommorow, there will be no other changes?

Just like the Dutch Chess Federation (KNSB) we ask kindly to put back the schedule as it was before, or a guarantee
that the organization (or the FIDE (CACDEC)) will compensate us for all the extra costs outflowing of this very short notice change of plans.
We hope that the FIDE also will give a reaction to this situation.

Looking forward to youre reply and eventually a plan of action for all the consequences outflowing of this changes.

Kind regards,

Ricardo dos Ramos
Fide delegate
Surinaamse Schaakbond

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