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Anish Giri Wins Dutch Championships

source : www.chess.com
Anish giri (2).jpg17 year-old top seed Anish Giri (pictured) won the 2011 Dutch Chess Championships which took place in Boxtel from 26 June - 5 July.
Ten players took part in the single round-robin competition, with Giri ending a very convincing winner on 7½/9, a full two points ahead of his nearest rival.
In the parallel 6-player double round-robin women's competition Zhaoqin Peng sealed her 13th Dutch title, and her 12th in a row, by an even wider margin of three points.
Peng won a staggering 9 games, drew none, and lost just one in the seventh round to Martine Middelveld. An excellent performance from the Chinese-born star.
The final men's standings:
1Giri, Anish 2687*½½1½11111
2Sokolov, Ivan 2645½*½0110½11
3Ernst, Sipke 2596½½*½½½0½115
4 Swinkels, Robin 248301½*10½½1½5
5Nijboer, Friso 2538½0½0*1½½115
6Spoelman, Wouter 256400½10*11½15
7Smeets, Jan 2647011½½0*½½04
8Brandenburg, Daan 25350½½½½0½*½½
9L'Ami, Erwin 261100000½½½*1
10Janssen, Ruud 2512000½001½0*2

The final women's standings:
1Peng, Zhaoqin 2375**11101111119
2Haast, Anne 222100**1½10111½6
3Middelveld, Martine 2120010½**½½1½½1
4Hortensius, Lisa 21110001½½**0½11
5Van Weersel, Arlette 224600000½1½* *½0
6Volkers, Annemarie 2046000½½000½1**

13-time Dutch Women's Champ Zhaoqin Peng
Zhaoqin Peng.jpg

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