maandag 17 januari 2011

Surinaamse Schaakbond nominations for SOC Sportgala

The Surinaamse Schaakbond (SSB) have nominated 4 chessplayers to compete in 4 different categories during the SOC Sportgala, held in the brandnew building of SOC (15th january 2011).

The SSB nominations in the different categories were:

(nominee)Sportman of the year :      FM Dewperkash Gajadin

(nominee) Sportwoman of the year : WCM Ekaterina Naipal

(nominee) Most talented male athlete:  Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe

(nominee) Most talented female athlete : Rosangela dos Ramos

For sometimes now, the Surinaamse Schaakbond have been nominated chessplayers to compete with other (physical) sporters for the highest sport title. The highlight was in 2007 when WFM Victoria Naipal was crowned Sportwoman of 2007. 

The judging panel for these titles consist of sportjournalists and other (physical) sportexperts.
We assume that it's very difficult for the judging panel to put the chess performances and efforts in the right perspective, and furthermore the persons on the jugding panel got more affinity with physical sports. So to receive the highest sporttitle, it will be very difficult for Chess. Our sportjournalist have to retrain in their thinking that sport is not only football, basketball and volleyball, but that chess is also a sport with a lot of youth, and where a lot of effort and hours is put in.

As Sportman c.q Sportwoman of the year 2010 was crowned : Mitchel Wongsodikromo (Badminton) and Chinyere Pigot (Swimming). 
Congratulations to the award winners and all the nominees, all fine athletes with outstanding achievements in 2010!

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