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Surinaamse Schaakbond Chess Awards 2010

 The Surinaamse Schaakbond held their year ending on friday 17 december in the venue of Stichting Prasoro, where they hand over different awards :

Chess Awards winners 2010
Chessplayer of the year :

FM Dewperkash Gajadin
(2nd place National Championships, 
board 2 player in the chess Olympiad, 
got a FM title with a score of 6-9, 
The first male player who earned a Fide Master title, 
Also got at the Chess Olympiad a FA and a NI title)

Female Chessplayer of the year :

WCM Ekaterina Naipal
(played in the National championships, 
2nd place at the Women Championships, 
 Best u-20 female player, 
board 2 player in the Chess Olympiad, 
got a WCM title with a score of 5-9, 
participated on board 3 for Suriname during the Inter Guyanese games in French-Guiana and Guyana, where Suriname became both times IGS chess champions.

Youthplayer of the year :

 Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe (12 year)
(6th place in the u-20 Caribbean Chess Carnival in Trinidad,  
U-16 Youthchampion, 
5th Place in the U-20 championships, 
3rd place National Rapidchampionships, 
3rd place National Blitz Championships, 
Plays for Rukhmania in the Topclass during the Interclubchampionships

Female youthplayer of the year 

 Rosangela dos Ramos (14 year):
(Together with FM Victoria Naipal, the first women who qualifies by playing, for the Finals of the National Championships, 
3rd place Women Championships, 
U-14 Youthchampion, member of the Women olympiad selection, member of the Inter Guyana Chessselection in Georgetown, where Suriname became IGS chesschampion, Plays for het Jonge Paard 2 in the Topclass during the Interclubchampionships, and was the best female player in the Topclass, 
Played in 2010 more than 70 games, and was one of the most active playing chessplayers in Suriname.

Most Improved Chessplayer : 

Pierre Chang (9 year)
5th place in U-14 Caribbean Chess Carnival in Trinidad, 
U-12 Youthchampion, 
3rd place U-20 championships, 2nd place in the topclass anniversary tournament of the SSB, 
best board 1 player in the Primary school chesstournament.

Most improved Female chessplayer

WCM Reyna Frijde (15 year)
5th place U-16 championships and the best female u-16 player, 
Member of the Women Olympiad selection and earned with a score of 41/2-9 a WCM title, 
Plays for Het Jonge Paard 2 in the Topclass during the Interclubchampionships.

Chessclub of the year: Chessclub CSV


Awards for outstanding achievements

Romario Sanches
4th place National Championships 2010
2nd place Fide Rated Guyana tournament
Champion U-2100 1st Umada cup (Trinidad)
3rd time National Youthchampion 2010
3rd place Open section Aruba Chess Challenge tournament

Ashwari Akloe
3rd place U-10 Caribbean Chess Carnival Trinidad,
2nd place U-10 National Youthchampionships 2010
2nd place U-12 Aruba Chess Challenge tournament
Best player during the Interclubchampionships in the Aspirant class

  Benaja Kromosoeto
 5th  place U-10  Caribbean Chess Carnival Trinidad
 U-10 champion National Youthchampionships 2010
 5th place National Rapid Championship sub-top section
 U-12 champion Aruba Chess Challenge tournament 2010
 3rd place National Blitz chesschampionships 2010 sub-top section.

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